April 17, 2006
Re: Connie Cave
To Whom It May Concern:

Please consider this a letter of recommendation for Connie Cave who is applying for a position in your school district.

Connie was a student of mine in the class “Introduction to Cross-Cultural Education” in Spring, 2005. I found her to be an extremely competent, intelligent and responsible student. Her ability to understand and apply concepts placed her at the very top of this class. Her final project entitled “An Evolution of an Ethos: African-American Women’s Experiences in America” was an outstanding example of her ability to research and present meaningful information in an accessible way.

I hope you will consider Connie for any position for which she qualifies. I know she will be an asset to your district.

I can be reached at 847-214-7343, or jkaufmann@elgin.edu, if you require additional information.

Jacquelyn Kaufmann
Professor of Human Services/Education
Elgin Community College