June 26, 2006
To Whom It May Concern:

Please consider this a letter of recommendation for Connie Cave as she applies for a teaching position within your school district.

Connie was a student of mine in three graduate level courses: Introduction to Teaching, Secondary Level (SEC 502), History and Philosophy of Education (FND 504), and Student Teaching Secondary School – Social Studies (SEC 590E). Connie earned an “A” in all three courses and her effort consistently exceeded expectations. Connie was an enthusiastic and active participant, asking questions and offering original insights.

Connie’s performance as a student teacher set her apart. She received highly positive reviews from her student teaching supervisor, the cooperating teacher, and a collaborating teacher. All three were impressed with Connie’s command of the subject matter, as well as her concern for and positive relationship with the students.

Connie has demonstrated several personal qualities and skills that will contribute to her success and that of her students. She works well with others, having shown both leadership and organizational skills while completing group projects. Her technological skills are an asset, as demonstrated by her electronic portfolio and multimedia lesson plans. Connie exhibits maturity by balancing her desire for excellence with patience and concern for the students, placing her ahead of many new teachers entering the field.

I am convinced that Connie will be a highly effective teacher and a welcome addition to your district. Please consider her for any position for which she qualifies.

If you wish to contact me, please call (312) 261-3523 or email at sy.karlin@nl.edu.

Dr. Sy Karlin
Assistant Professor
Secondary Education